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USB magnetický kábel - USB-C Baseus Zinc 5A 1m (šedo-čierny)

USB magnetický kábel - USB-C Baseus Zinc 5A 1m (šedo-čierny)

Baseus | 023899
Kód tovaru:

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Magnetic Baseus cable


The durable 100 cm long cable is equipped with a magnetic plug enriched with various tips. It is a modern and convenient alternative to classic cables. Baseus product is resistant to all types of dirt and dust. A strong magnet immediately connects the cable to the plug. There is no need to aim perfectly, stable connection is easy and trouble-free. Easy to operate, even with one hand. It is designed to survive long and intensive use.




Many possibilities


The magnetic contacts allow the device to be loaded without having to continuously insert and remove the connector, risking the tip breaking off. It is durable and prevents accidental disconnection. However, if you unwittingly pull on the cable, the tip will disconnect and prevent the phone from falling. Of course, you can also easily disconnect it with only one hand when the other is busy. Using it is extremely easy, just choose the right tip and bring the cable closer to the connector. The magnet will automatically catch the installed adapter.




Reliable performance


The copper cores of the cable have been thickened, and the braided fabric wrapped around the cable provides additional protection, flexibility and strength. The design provides less fraying and effectively improves strength. It allows for easy handling of everyday use. The weakest point, i.e. the connection between the cable and the plug, has been additionally doubled with a flexible TPE material. Nylon braid prevents the cable from tangling and protects it from mechanical damage. It is also impervious to water and air.





Thoughtful design


Traditional cables, which are often easily damaged by incorrect connection and disconnection, usually break quickly. The magnetic adapter is always connected to the device and prevents any malfunction. It also acts as a dustproof plug. A small panel is attached to the cable, which allows you to keep all the terminals in one place so that they do not get lost. There are visible markings on it, helping to place the ports properly. This is a practical, but also stylish accent, thanks to which you can easily maintain order.




High intensity


The device has been designed for durability during long and intensive use. The output current can reach up to 40W to fully charge the phone in a short time, using a 10V/4A charger. It is suitable for three types of plugs and compatible with most smartphones. For comparison, the battery in the Samsung S20 recharges only about 115 minutes.




High-speed transmission


Extremely fast 480Mbps data transmission, allows you to efficiently transfer photos, videos and other files from your computer to your phone and vice versa. After connecting the phone to the computer, data transmission and charging takes place simultaneously. However, the built-in LED informs about the proper operation of the cable and makes it easier to locate at night, gaining a lot of time.






Manufacturer Baseus
Name Zinc Magnetic Safe Fast Charging Data Cable USB to Type-C
Product code CATXC-NG1
Material Aluminum + Nylon
Color Grey + Black
Length 1 m
Connections USB to USB-C
Charging current 5 A
Transmission speed 480 Mb/s


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2a. Kuriér Prevod na účet  

Objednávka       0 -10 € ........... 2.95 €
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3. Zásielkovňa vo Vašom meste (Prevod na účet ......... 2.05 €  
- je možné doručiť balík na výdajne miesto Zásielkovne ak má max. hmotnosť 5kg a dĺžka jednej strany nepresiahne 70cm a súčet všetkých dlžok nepresiahne 120cm

Cena dopravy pre  Veľkoobchod  je 4.50 € za balík do 20kg. Ak dlžka balíka je 150cm a viac tak si kurierska firma UPS účtuje príplatok 3.50€.

2a. Slovenská pošta - Prevod na účet: (objednávka do 15 €, max. hmotnosť 1kg) ..... 1.95 €
2b. Slovenská pošta - Dobierka: (objednávka do 15 €, max. hmotnosť 1kg) ............. 4.95 €

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